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thegrayfoxSack, Aug 31, 10 1:28 AM.

Vision Of Abyssea:

Varangian Helm- Elvaanmoq, Lokodi, Niinoi, Riconva

Orison Cape- Redfieldx

Adler Ring- Divinite, Taye

Plaga Scythe- Riconva

Impulse Belt- Kij

Siege Bow- Isolation, Lokodi, Micktlll, Alexand

Auric Dagger-Thegrayfox, Eagleclaw, Durbanpoison, Micktlll, Kachijin

Tantra Necklace-Niinoi, Micktll

Serpentes Cuffs- Renoturk, Tupipi, Elvaanmoq

Vermeil Bhuj- Thegrayfox, Taye, Riconva, Lokodi, Gokku, Mirrormirror

Scars Of Abyssea:

Goetia Mantle- Spidermonkey, Shadowkitty, Pandak, Alexand, Gym, Lokodi, Mirrormirror

Cirque Sash- Scorpioes, Niinoi, Blkdrgn, Ruvion, the floor..,Demanti,  the floor..,

Caller's Pendant- Niinoi, Scorpioes, Thegrayfox, Shadowkitty, Lokodi, Pandak, Zeshirit

Charis Feather- Shadowkitty, Virgin

Creed Baudrier- Gokku, Thegrayfox

Mavi Tathlum- Getem, Lokodi

Tantra Tathlum- Gokku

Drg. Mantle- Gym

Dnc Spd. Ft. Shadowkitty

Head, Leg, Feet, Seals-Many..

AF3 Legs

Tantra Hose +1 Gokku

Raider's Culottes +1 Thegrayfox

Estoqueur's Fuseau +1 Shadowkitty

Bale Flanchard +1 Shadowkitty

Charis Tights +1 Shadowkitty

HNM Kills

thegrayfoxSack, Aug 31, 10 1:16 AM.
Cerberus #1,
Cerberus #2 Algol (Niinoi),
Khimaira #1 Mats,
Tiamat #1 Boots (Sold) + Kote,
Cerberus #3,
Sandworm #1 White Tathlum,
Cerberus #4 Algol (Lokodi),
Sandworm #2 Black Tathlum, Zahak's Mail, 
Sandworm #3 White Tathlum, Antares Harness, 
Sandworm #4 Antares Harness,
Dark Ixion #1 (Full drops! Cape Gym, the rest bank),
Khimaira #2 Mats, 
Sandworm #5 White Tathlum, Antares Harness,
Dark Ixion #2 (Dagger Niinoi, Cape Lokodi, the rest bank),

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

thegrayfoxSack, Aug 31, 10 12:03 AM.
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KSNM99s Wrym Beard (Niinoi)

Homam Legs- Keeperofsouls
Homam Head- Shadowkitty
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